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Please check out my Squidoo lens here...

Please check out my Squidoo lens here...

"Discover How You Can Quickly and Easily Get Your Hands On Gifts So Amazing... People Will Admire You For Your Thoughtfulness."

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Dear Friend,

Do you want to buy a gift for someone - but do not know what to get?

Perhaps you need a unique grad gift, personalized newborn twin gifts, or unique gifts for best friends. You want to give them something special. The question is - what?

They already have everything.

It will get even worse with the holidays.

By then, you'll have a long list of people to buy gifts for - mother, dad, grandpa and grandma. Plus, you'll need unique gifts for a girlfriend or boyfriend, along with baby gifts.

Do not despair. The solution is simple and will make you happy.

Here's What You Get

Our personalized name scrolls are a hit with everyone. Each name has a different scroll.

Here's what you get:

Why Believe Me?

Let me introduce myself. My name is Benedict Manovill. While studying at the monastery, I specialized in calligraphy, or artistic writing, and the history of names.

In my job, I produce thousands of personalized name scrolls. Some are unique graduation gifts for college grads, unique personalized baptismal gifts and unique gift ideas for a husband and wife to share. Others are unique gifts for friends and family, unique gifts for a girlfriend, or personalized newborn twin gifts.

Personalized name scrolls make unique gifts for employees also.

Customers like the name scrolls so much, they write me again and again.

Ready For Your Scroll?

Customers say they're happy their name is famous.

Parents and grandparents buy personalized name scrolls for new babies and preteens and sweet sixteens!

Listen to a few customers...

"Benedict's name scrolls are dazzling. I love mine with the painting - and my children think theirs are beautiful. I highly recommend his scrolls to everyone."

- Soraya Alem
Bethesda, Maryland

"I really enjoy the beauty of the art and how it enhances the message of the author."

- Ernest R.
Alexandria, Virginia

"I think Benedict Manovill does beautiful work. I like the way he does both the crest scroll and the painting scroll. They make a great gift for anyone."

- Claire Serino
Chicago, Illinois

"I saw the painting and the crest. I bought one of each and they were not only nice but wonderful to have."

- Simon Castiel
Montreal, Canada

I have many repeat customers who keep me busy throughout the year. They buy scrolls for birthdays, Christmas, and Valentine's Day.

"I am very happy with my scrolls - both those with the crest and the ones with the painting. You cannot find a more meaningful gift. It is personal and it makes me smile."

- Kay Tallon
Montego Bay, Jamaica

"A lovely personal gift! I have been the beneficiary of Benedict's talent in a beautiful and remarkably skilled prayer scroll. His art for your given name or individualized crest created for your name is that one of a kind treasure that will remain for a lifetime. It's great, it's personal, and it's original. Ready to be framed. Great for that very special person and that very special occasion."

- Jackie Wilson
Bethesda, Maryland

And, there are many more happy customers like these.

When I Heard This, I Sat Down and Cried.

Our first name means the world to us. It is a gift from our parents. Our name is often the first word we learn.

Sometimes, a name is a person's only possession.

A first name carries childhood memories. It's very sound reassures you. You know who you are and to whom you belong.

This really hit home with me one evening when I heard from my brother. "Did you hear what the songwriter, John Beltzer, is doing?" he asked.

He told me that Beltzer joined Billy Joel, David Lee Roth, Michael Bolton, and Ronnie Spector in writing songs for sick and dying children. Their song includes the child's name. It is recorded and the child can get it in 24 hours, if necessary. All for free.

The children, even the littlest tots, listen to the song with their name, over and over again.

I was so moved, I sat down and cried.

The Truth About Name Scrolls...

Most other name scrolls have just the name and a few lines. There is no painting, no crest, no crown, and no history. You may never learn that you carry a royal name.

But, my personalized gift scrolls show you when someone with your name built an empire, wrote a masterpiece or conquered the world.

Here's what my personalized name scrolls can mean for you:

Here Is What You Get When You Order Today!

Is Your Name Richard, Rosemary,
or Alexander - or William, or Sarah?

If it is, you have an ancient name that is immensely powerful.

Richard, a royal name, means "Strong ruler."

Rosemary comes from the Latin and means "Breeze from the sea."

Alexander is an ancient Greek name meaning "Defender."

William, the name of emperors and kings, means "Determined protector."

Sarah comes from the Hebrew, "Sarai," meaning "Princess."

The Bottom Line...

The name scrolls are expensive - right?

No. In fact, I lowered the price 3 times because I want you to feel comfortable about investing in them.

Don't get me wrong. I put my heart into making them. Hours of research and work go into each personalized name scroll.

They are works of art, and you can only get them here or from our affiliates. Each one is worth far more than what you pay.

Marketers, examining the scrolls, said a fair price is $199.

"No," I thought. "That's too much for most people."

Others suggested $149.

"Finally, someone said, "$100" - and at that price, it's a steal."

Because I want the scroll to be more affordable, I am making the price even lower.

Your personalized name scroll with your name, name history, crown, and painting or crest is just $49.95! Save over $100!

Making Things Easy...

Let's make this easy.
  1. When ordering, please fill in the information on the order form. (We do not share your information with anyone. Period.)

  2. Shipping - We ship as quickly as possible. We answer orders that are paid for and give a shipping date. Order early to avoid the rush and receive your scrolls sooner.

  3. All sales are final.

Well, that wraps it up.

The only way you lose is by not ordering today.

Wouldn't it be terrific to be admired for giving this thrilling gift?

Isn't it worth showing how much you care by thrilling him or her with this personalized gift?

Claim your personalized name scroll now for only $49.95.


Benedict Manovill

P.S. Imagine! You can surprise and delight family and friends with a gift they'll remember forever. You can show a loved one how much you care. A name scroll is a gift that stands above all others. What better way to honor someone than to celebrate his or her first name. They will love you for this unusual gift.

P.P.S. Remember, when you order your personalized name scroll, you receive a FREE gift. This gift is valued at $49.95. This means you get two gift items for the price of one. With a deal like this, you can't go wrong. Exciting gifts with personalized names can be yours today.

P.P.P.S. Order early to get ahead of the rush and receive your scrolls sooner.

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