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Unique Birthday Gifts For an 11 Year Old

Unique birthday gifts for an 11 year old can create a happy shopping trip. Eleven year olds like birthday gifts they can share with friends. Some unique, unusual gift ideas are experiential gifts like balloon rides, horseback rides and amusement park trips. Make this experience a memory by having a gift scroll personalized for the event!

Look for unique ways to wrap gifts for the birthday party also. Birthday gifts can be hidden about the room as well as tucked inside balloons. A magic kit can be disguised as a book, and a jewelry-making kit hidden in doll's clothes. There are many unique birthday gifts for an 11 year old!

There are unique ways to give money gifts. Kids love to watch their money grow, and a mutual fund account makes a fine birthday gift. A vending machine bank is a fun way to save money. Also, at this age, a young person enjoys having their very own savings account, too.

Below are some unique birthday gifts for an 11 year old - suggested by 11-year-olds!

Girl's Birthday Gift Ideas

Boy's Birthday Gift Ideas

Unique birthday gifts for an 11 year old are plentiful! Eleven-year-olds like gifts with personalized names. Such gifts make unique birthday gifts for an 11-year-old. Here is a unique gift idea that will light up their eyes - our gifts with personalized names.

Most 11-year-olds like to see their first name in print and learn the meanings of names. Our personalized gift scrolls are gifts with their very own name. These scrolls contain the first name, the name meaning, and a terrific painting or a crest. This is a personal work of art that is forever.

Please visit Gift Scrolls 4 U to discover online ideas for the most unique birthday gifts for an 11 year old!

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